The Elements of Success

A combination of superlative technology and a inspirational teamwork lead by a pair of commendable directories are the factors, which have Nirali, scale the peak of success. The technology with which Nirali sinks are fabricated ,are in par with international clients. It is the heart of the factory. The 800 ton hydraulic press line , which is in par with international standards. Gives Nirali sinks an upper hand in the market. It is designed to produce sinks with perfect shape and contours, as well as providing it with a leveled shape. Its prime advantage is also that it nullifies the bulges, wrinkles or unevenness that might otherwise occur in the process of designing and shaping of the sink.

Cutting edge technology

A fully automatic C.N.C cut to length and slitting line. Which is engineered to perfection for scratch free cutting and tailoring of heavy-duty stainless steel coils that undergo stringent quality check before being processed. It also undertakes the process of flattening out the coils, which are then shaped by the hydraulic press line.


Finishing touches


4-axis CNC Bowl Welding Machine : Yet another top-of-the-line machine that welds the sink bowl to the top frame. The technology ensures that strong and precision welding is achieved.


Precession meets perfection


Production line: It is here that skilled and experienced workmanship is coupled with an array of machines that emboss the sinks with different patterns and styles. The sinks are crafted to pinpoint accuracy by different methods of bending, piercing and cutting. These are then fitted with various accessories as per requirement.