Precision meets perfection

Production line ,it is here that skilled and experienced workmanship is coupled with an array of machines that emboss the sinks, with patterns and styles. The sinks are crafted to pinpoint accuracy by different methods of bending, piercing and cutting and fitted with various accessories required.

Moulding Dreams into Reality

The in-house tool room
This state of the art tool room is a specialized aspect in the whole unit. It is here that press tools and moulds are custom made to fit in the requirements of different clients. A team of professional's, expert in this field keep a watchful eye over the production procedure to see to it that quality is not bargained in the process.

Designing concepts

The computer aided product and tool designing department, which are the brains behind Nirali sinks twenty –three different models of fifty-four different sizes. This department conceptualizes and designs an array of sinks which are then implemented into actualization by the in-house tool room.There are many exclusive which design registered like Expell Range, Wash Basin Range, Magnus Range

Finishing Touches

CNC Auto Corner Welding Machine
Incorporates the latest European technology to weld all the four corners simultaneously. The highlight of this machine is that it keeps the sink corners cool during the welding process. The weld is thus devoid of distortion.
Auto-polishing Machine
The final stage of polishing the completed sink is achieved by the fully automated Italian Polishing Machine. It has multiple polishing heads and auto-indexing table which impart various uniform finishes such as satin, European or mirror finish.