Silent Square Range


  • Utensil Drainer : Rolling Mat can be used to drain out the water from the utensils
  • Trivet : Rolling Mat can be used to place hot pots and pans
  • Helps in food preparation : Rolling Mat provides additional space for prepping, rinsing and drying vegetables & fruits
  • The Rolling Mat is a great way to drain your dishes & protect your kitchen counter tops from hot pots & pans. When not in use, simply roll it up, which helps in saving space. This convenient over the sink Rolling Mat also gives you an added surface for cleaning & prepping. This product is made from stainless steel 304 with silicone support.
Overall Size
(Length x Breadth)
420 x 485 mm
16½ x 19 inch
360 x 435 mm
14 x 17 inch

Rolling Mat Big Models:
Silent Square Range: Luxor Big, Ornate, Opal Big.
D’signo Range: Fabulous Big, Fantasy Big, Gloria, Elegance Unique Big.
Popular Range: Elegance Medium, Elegance Big, Graceful Elegance Big, Elegant Glory Big, Super Elegance Big.

Rolling Mat Small Models:
Silent Square Range: Olympia Small, Orus, Luxor Small, Ornate, Opal Small.
D’signo Range: Fabulous Small, Fantasy Small, Galaxy, Super Slider, Elegance Unique Small, Fabulous Unique, Wonder Corner.
Popular Range: Graceful Glory Small, Graceful Elegance Mini, Graceful Elegance Small, Elegant Glory Small, Super Elegance Small.
Elegance Small, Elegance Large, Elegance Ultra Big, Graceful Glory Big, Elegance Ultra Large.

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